Tuesday, May 10, 2005


endraya thagavalgal anaithum thamizh mozhiyil...

sameebathil naan paditha haiku kavidaigal...

AdiDhadiyil makkal
Amaidiyaana varisaiyil erumbugal..
Elavasa arisikkaga !!

Kaadarugil mattum
isai katcheri..
Kosu !!

Balatha paadugaapudan
pagal kollai...
Akkavin thirumanam !!

merkanda kavidaigal anaithum "kungumam" vaara edhazil vandhavaigal..

Eni...En karpanai thuligal...

Eyarkaiyin Seyarkaikolil Andru min vettu...
Amavasai !!

Vulagin Ovovru manidanum kadanaali dhan...
Kaalaiyil !!

Andha karuppu thiraiyal dhan ethanai ottaigal...
natchathirangal !!

Pugai mandalathil oru eyadhira vulagam...
Thozhir chaalaigal !!

eppadi romba think pannitu errukum bodu knabagam vandha oru comedy kavidai...

Oru padathula parthiban ramba'va paarthu sollum haiku...

Oru sweet stall'e paniyaaram ...
saapidugiradhe ... Achariya kuri !!

thamizh cinimavil romba nuddisaali thanama yosikka ninaikum kalaignargalil oruvan paarthiban..
rombavun vidyasama panna ninaithu sodappalaana padam edukkum matrum oru kamal... !!
errundhallum eppodhum pudumaya seyya thudikkum oru aarva kolaaru !! :-)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Bangalore - Is it a dream city !!

Today was a very relaxed day.. practically did no work...just did some BS around office..and then came this stupid colleague of mine...who just wants to irritate somebody in our grp always..i had to control my emotions and get rid of this guy...tough one i shld say..

late..the evening belonged to a some spirited shuttle ( badmitton) game..
two teams in doubles ...we are sort of arch rivals....for the past two days my form is in peak..my backhand shot and placing has improved...and my partners coordination has also improved..managed few closely fought matches and was good solid 90 min of game..

then came my cousin..guy in his second yr of college..first time landing in bangalore with lots of ambitions..
with loads of dream abt this so called "silicon valley of india"...but ppl here know how the infrastructure sucks..

i still remember how my first trip in bangalore was..we had a chance to visit bangalore during our college tour in my third year..
a so called "pazham" group, we call ourselves group of "elite"...never seen such wealth and style ever in life before that time..
having come from suburbs of madras, which is even otherwise a very traditional / conventional city in its own class,
we had all dreams about bangalore...garden city...and like all adoloscent guys..in their teens...the first thing that came to our minds were..
beautiful girls, with short mini skirts and fair complexion ...having a CAT walk in the road.. ;-)
such was the expectation...and it came true..we were all flabbergasted with the style and glamour showered on us by the beauties we saw in MG road..
and who can forget our lecturer madam ..i forgot her name...she was very close to our group of elite..she was helping us to rank the girls around.. and my friend vishy...who always had been a lover boy style character..was in full form..

actually that was the first time we ever got exposed to glamour at such touching distance...i shld say many of us kept talking abt this for months to come during college..that was a gr8 experience for any young adult man..:-)

now my cousin karthik...has come..i agree guys of his generation are not as we were...his generation is more fast...more culture shocked..more glamour exposed..
he wld have seen more than i had ,when i was of his age.. but still bangalore has its own charisma..
for the next two days i plan to show him around bangalore..
that leaves me more than occupied for this week...hence let me see if i could write my diary tomm...

now that iam tired..i think i will go to sleep..more blogging to continue tomm..on a fresh note..


AP THE GREAT Posted by Hello

Pullaiyar suzhi....

Hi Hi Hi....This is AP...Arun Prasad...If people ever needed any sort of junk time-pass talk ...pl talk to me !!! just kidding :-)..I wanted to write a diary for a long long time ...err..let me be realistic..hmm.. definitely for the past 4 years or so more seriously...in fact i had tried such a practice...if i remember right...probably when i was in my early teens...finally here iam...thanks to arvind for showing the world of bloggers...i have read few bloggers in rediff but never took time or interest to keep it as a practice..

Abt me....My dreams have no bounds...fantasies have no rules...wishes are plenty ...sorrows are there..but more so i often get strength from my defeats...( i had very few to be frank) ... I like to listen to music...really crazy about music...I hear all types of music...classical carnatic,hindustani,gajals,fusion,instrumental,cinema,,BGMS.. and any form of noise sounds like music to me..
let me address more generic stuff abt me..AP..Myself...called as **AP** by one and all right from my school days..(sometime even my teachers/lecturers called me so)..A movie buff...my taste range is vast...i enjoy any stupid movie (with no logic..) ..to masala movies , romantic .. and includes very subtle emotional melodaramas and...all the way till documentary stuff..I generally adore any form of art..be it painting, dance, literature, story writing, dramas, anything in the world that is deemed to be an art-form !!

My mind has no bounds to enjoy these..sometimes i feel i made a worse decision in my life of opting to become a software engineer..No offence to my ambitions to become a successful networking expert...but i think for my sort of atttitude..i would have more suited to any profession related to art .
Another thing i like is to read...iam a reader of any article..i try to find info in anything i read..i could visualize many things that i read about..
Reading all these above u would think iam am great entertainer..ofcourse iam but for some good/bad reasons...A true extrovert...frank,outspoken..sometimes crazily adventerous...limit to my enthusiasm is sky..!!Even now.. though i hesitated to start writing about myself...now that i have started..iam sure this will continue with full josh for some days atleast...U wonder y do i say only few days and not def for months !! ...coz thats my another aspect of behavior...
yup..u guessed right..iam a GEMINI'an... born in june 1978..u can guess from way i dont sustain interest in anything i start to do...I am an extrovert....( i def think so :-) ) I get bored on things very soon...there should be challenging and stimulating, motivating factor in anything i do..once that factor disappears from the work iam into or once i get used to a pattern of life...i need change and the change should be very stimulating...i go in search of something new many times...but never a good finisher of things i attempt to start doing ......like tendulkar...i perform well in good patches..more consistently when the life is going smooth..

Hmm....i have lots of things to write about..more to continue..